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Head-wear Options For Women

Most women use hats and fascinators as a way of making a fashion statement and looking trendy. Of these two types of head-wear, the hat is fairly substantial and is used to cover crown. On the other hand, fascinators can be placed on any part of the head and are often made from a very light material. In most races, the derby fascinators you see tend to be a combination of hats and fascinators. That said, here is a variety of head-wear suitable for modern-day women.

Popular types of head-wear



The pillbox is a fairly old headwear style that can be traced back to the years of Kate Middleton. This unit can be worn either at the back or front of your head. It can also be complemented by using it with some extras like bridal veins covering your face. Modern pillbox or cocktail hats tend to be rounder and smaller than most classic models.


This hat is one preferably worm for special or official occasions. It is believed to be one of the most versatile hat types considering that they suit a variety of head shapes. It is also a solid unit to wear in both winter and summer events. This type of hat can also be used to complement or top off a detailed outfit.

Cloche Hats

The cloche is another fairly classical hat. These stylish hats come in various materials and patterns. A cloche can be a stunning addition to any closet. This vintage style hat is appropriate for winter racing events. Often, the ribbons and decorations attached to these hats are meant to communicate something about the wearer. A firm not in this hat was used to signal that the woman is married whereas an arrow-like ribbon affirmed that the lady was in a relationship.


sZDcfSAdaSdcfFascinators are among the most adaptable and attractive head-wear units. You can have a fascinator in various forms and colors. Modern-day fascinators intelligently combine some element of the pillbox hat and fascinators. Ideally, most designs are often built from hairband, which then builds up with a net.

There is a huge variety of head-wear for women. The best way to find the right design for you is to try wearing as many styles as possible. Having your outfit on while doing these trials is bound to make the selection process a lot easy for you.

Tips on choosing the best bridesmaids hairstyles

The number of hairstyles in the modern hair beauty world is simply mind-boggling. For this reason, the best hairstyles for your bridesmaids is mainly a matter of personal preference. There are hairstyles that are common with bridesmaids such as high knot chignon, low chignon, bun, classic twist or Beyoncé curls, but you do not have to choose the styles that everyone else has chosen. Tgusta has some interesting visual examples of some bridesmaid hairstyles. You can adopt a more free-spirited approach where you just want clean visual looks that will make a statement of style and class. Here are a few features of top bridesmaids’ hairstyles.

Selecting the best bridesmaids hairstyles

Romantic and relaxing


A wedding day commemorates the celebration of love. A bridesmaids’ hairstyle thus has to be romantic to be good for the wedding day. If your wedding is held at a high-end beach resort, it will be easier for you to choose a romantic style because all beach-inspired hairstyles are romantic and relaxing.

They accentuate the beauty of the neck

A bridesmaids’ hairstyle should accentuate all the feminine features of the bridesmaids. It should make short necks appear longer. It should also amplify the beauty of the face and the overall appearance of the bridesmaid.

They are good for dancing

You know that dancing is one of the guarantees in a wedding and it is only fair that bridesmaids’ hairstyles allow them to break into a wild dance when the time comes. We just said that bridesmaids’ hairstyles should be romantic and relaxing. They should allow the bridesmaids to dance and have fun.

They should be a notch higher than the usual styles

Think beyond the usual styles such as soft beach waves, fishtail braid, Bohemian waves, swept French Twist, side-swept hair, Brooch Hairpiece, and cicogne. They are great hairstyles for bridesmaids, but you need to be unique in a way. Be creative. The best hairstyles are not the ones that we have already seen. They are the ones that we are yet to see. If you can’t come with new styles, you can elevate the common styles to the level of a great modern wedding.

Should be both timeless and modern

Timeless hairstyles are ever in fashion. They are simple and flexible. They are good for the bridesmaids that are a bit older. However, even with these styles, you can add an aspect of modernity in your way. The overall appearance of the style should give a proper mix of both traditional hairstyles and modern hairstyles.

It should also be both simple and complicated

Everyone looking at the bridesmaids will be looking for the striking features only. A normal retro updo, big teased hair, statement braid or plaited hairdo will not be as striking as a hairstyle that is neither top knot nor elegant soft knots, but a mix of both.

Similarly, a French twist that looks like a double twist will look more stunning than a basic French or double twist. Overall, just come up with a style that appears to be a certain usual style, but it is not. You are just looking for something that will define your wedding in a unique way. Consult top hair stylists where there is the need.

Look great

skldanvklsaldkvlksandvlksandklvnlaskdnvkasndlvknlsakdnvlksdvaFinally, all the bridesmaids will look great if they all have the same hairstyle. However, each bridesmaid can have a unique style. You can also have a versatile hairstyle, one that can be made into several different looks so that each bridesmaid has a unique style, but all the styles have a common denominator.