Don Blanding

Don Blanding 1894-1957Don Blanding 1894-195701

main_art.jpg (131405 bytes) main_pic.jpg (49814 bytes)sig.gif (8662 bytes) Artist by NatureActor by InstinctPoet by AccidentVagabond by ChoiceAuthor of such classics as Vagabond’s House, Hula Moons and Drifter’s GoldHawaiian Poet Laureate and Founder of Lei Day ~ Artist ~ Restless VagabondDesigner of Vernon Kilns Dinnerware, Greeting Cards and Hawaiian ClothingSongwriter ~ Theatrical Actor, Director and Producer of Musicals ~ SoldierLecturer ~ Radio, Film and Television Personality ~ Newspaper ColumnistVagabond’s House CD for saleClick here for details