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A portrait of Albert A. Allenback in the Canadian Army
created with pastels in Ontario, February 1916

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This early, unpublished pen-and-ink drawing by Blanding
served as a bookplate for his personal books (ca. 1918)

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An example of Blanding's early advertising work,
this two-color illustration is from a Blaisdell Hotel brochure (ca. 1921)

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A portrait of Miss Eloise Fernandez (ca. 1922)

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A portrait of Fanny Heaslip Lea (ca. 1922)

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From the cover of Fioretta; a tale of Italy (1922)

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This pen & ink drawing of a kamaaina appeared in the first edition
of Paradise Loot (1925), only to mysteriously disappear from later editions.
It would appear on the front of the sheet music for Alohaland,
a song by good friend R. Alex Anderson

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A self-designed advertisement (ca. 1925)

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Very seldom did Blanding's work get reproduced in color,
as this example from Flowers of the Rainbow (1926)

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A romantic image from Vagabond's House (1928)

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A rare painting - this is a panel
which was done in collaboration
with Earl Cohan-Challenger (ca. 1929)

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Another collaboration with Earl Cohan-Challenger
taken from the front of Hula Moons (1930)

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Illustrating beautiful, mysterious women
was a specialty of Blandings, as in this
example from Songs of the Seven Senses (1931)

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Another Illustration from Songs of the Seven Senses

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Occasionally, Blanding would have prints made
of his drawings, as in this Carmel scene from
The Rest of the Road (1937)

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Hawaii was a favorite theme for Blanding,
as shown in this drawing from Today is Here (1946)

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Blanding was in awe of the Sea, as is apparent
in drawings such as this. The detail in this
drawing from Today is Here is exquisite

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